This photo clearly shows the “pleated” new leaves. They are the most exquisite lime green. I love all shades of green, almost, but this is just about the best!

After being so amazed at the beauty of the Hellebores, last week, I couldn’t help but see the huge contrast between that kind of beauty and the beauty of the emerging leaves of Rosa rugosa, this week. The very sharp (no pun intended) contrast of the soft, tender, lime-green leaves, on the same branch as the old spikey branches was so very graphic. Also, the texture of the leaves, with the definite “pleats” is most interesting, I think.

The evergreen (and ever-lovely) Bergenia

Bergenia buds The leaves of this Bergenia turn to a rich burgundy in the winter. If the weather is cold and bright, some times the leaves become almost red! It’s very beautiful, especially if there is a little snow… Some Bergenia have a better growth habit and stay neatly in a clump, and others seem […]

Bergenia These ‘ just opening’ buds of Bergenia were almost missed on my garden ‘walk about’ this week. I had to practically get down on the ground to get this shot! They make a great cut flower for the house for they last a very long time and you get to see all the tiny details […]