One Last Look at Summer…

Well, it has certainly been a busy time! So busy that I have completely neglected to keep up with this Blog! But, I’ll do better now, I promise….

Looking back at my gardens this year, I find that it was actually quite a good year, flower-wise. ( Unfortunately, I did not get to one of my biggest projects, the renovation of my front right garden, along the driveway, but there is next year to work on that.) Below, you can see some of the Woodland Garden’s flowers. This is at the very end of the pergola and I had planned to have this corner in purples. whites and lime.

Large flowering Clematis on arbor

Large flowering Clematis on the end of the pergola.

Torenia with Hakonechloa grass

Torenia with Hakonoechloa grass, in a planter, set right into the garden.

Cascading Hydrangea (1)

Cascading Hydrangea over the retaining walls

At the front, along the path, my white Lily, ( perhaps a Casa Blanca) added perfume to our evening stroll through the gardens, below.


A fragrant white Lily adds interest to the front pathway through the gardens.

Here is a close up of that same Lily.

LILY done  _MG_0336

Close-up of my very fragrant white Lily…. probably a Casa Blanca.

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