Autumn in the Garden

Because my own gardens got planted later than usual this year, ( I was a bit busy with clients’ gardens this summer ) and the result was that my summer flowers really looked their best well into autumn! And so I am considering Autumn to be September and October, as far as my gardens go….

(NOTE: all photos and text on this website/blog are copyrighted and may not be used without my written permission- Copyright © Susan E. Wheeler)

On the back patio I had done a pink, white and purple colour scheme. ( Eye goes to colour, of course, and so colour is almost the first thing that I consider when designing a space.)  Here is a look at the area where we relax. Behind this very comfy chair is one of my favourite Hydrangeas, ‘Blushing Bride’. It starts out quite white and then changes to a very pretty pink.

Planters (70)

A comfy spot…

On the Back Patio.. (3)

Hydrangea ‘Blushing Bride’

Near the chairs, I have potted up several different pink Begonias, as the area is shaded by a red Japanese maple which makes it perfect for these shade-lovers. And, yes, they do require a fair bit of ‘fussing’, but to me, they are always so worth the effort! I have been growing Begonias for decades! 

One other thing I would suggest is that you use house plants, especially the green ones, to add texture and interest to any of your planters that are in the shade but still have good light.. These ones are Selaginella ( the bright green mossy one ) and Syngonium podophyllum (Arrowhead plant).

On the Back Patio.. (4)

Pink Begonia with house plants.

 (These two pink Begonias are some of the prettiest I have ever grown.)

Pink Begonia KB

Pink Begonias- some of the prettiest I have ever grown!

Pink Begonia - close-up KB

Close-up of the pink Begonias

On the other side of this patio which gets quite a bit of sun, is another pink Hydrangea, called “Strawberry Vanilla””. The purple with it is the fragrant Heliotrope and the very easy-care, light purple Bacopa. The very architectural Ophiopogon japonicus ( black Mondo Grass ) shoots up from below. As well, I have added two pots of pure white Petunias nearby.

Hydrangea 'Strawberry Vanilla' KB

A new Hydrangea ‘Strawberry Vanilla’

white petunias KB

Pure white Petunias – always fresh…

On the Back Patio.. (9)

One of the easiest flowering annuals ever! – the Streptocarpella saxorum ( no common name ).

Next year I plan to have more of this extremely easy-care annual ( the purple flowers, above ). It is Streptocarpella saxorum. It is also self-cleaning and really requires little care and will bloom all through the season.

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