Garden Florals on Canvas


3B1  16x20   KB

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

I have now launched a new aspect of my garden design work which is my artwork, using my own gardens as inspiration. I use high resolution digital cameras to produce my initial photos of flowers in my garden. Then, using software applications, I transform these original photos into the final images. I will also use pencil, ink or paint to complete an image, if appropriate, before it is varnished and framed. I have chosen to frame them with lovely dark frames, which I feel makes the images the focus.

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Here are some of my latest Giclee Images… see price list at the bottom.
This white Hellebore lives in our Woodland Garden.

This white Hellebore lives in our Woodland Garden.

The petals of this white Hellebore look like silk

The petals of this white Hellebore look like silk

I call this lovely Hellebore 'Freckles'.

I call this lovely Hellebore ‘Freckles’.

A colourful rose called 'Mix and Match'

A colourful rose called ‘Flutterby’

One of my latest floral giclee canvases, below, has a romantic verse in Latin. The translation of the verse is:

“The soft west wind arises, and the warm sun advances; now the earth lays bare her breast and flows out with her sweetness.”
The soft west wind KB

“The soft west wind arises….”

This image began as a photo of one of my white Dahlias which was growing near our back door. It was so very large that I had to go and get my measuring tape to check its size –  11 inches!! Yes, absolutely amazing…..  And so, I began to snap many, many photos of this one Dahlia. I had two others, very similar in colour and size, growing nearby, and they have become the inspiration for the first of my giclee canvas images. The canvases themselves come in several different sizes, from 8×10 inches to 18×24 inches but of course, with the frame added, the largest framed piece measures about 25 inches x 32 inches.

Latin translation: “Art, for the sake of art.”



1   MG_0288 THE best -NEWEST lighter - KB

Scroll down to see the original photo, below, that started off this whole ‘Latin Series’ of artwork.

1   MG_0251 ORIGINAL DAHLIA 2012 - Copy

This shows the type of frame that I like to use for most of these gicee images.

1     Price List  - for website - sized small jpg



Cheers! Susan  P.S. I have added my new cards  (both front and back) below,  that I now use for this new enterprise.

1  Untitled-1 final Sept 24 2012 DONE

New postcard back

New Postcards (back)

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