Springtime in my Gardens

One of my early favourite Rhodos is this one, ‘Odee Wright’. It is one of the many plants that I brought to this house from Bellingham and it is now a beautiful specimen. It is, however, going to be moved this coming spring, as I intend to do a complete renovation on this garden then. The buds start coming out in this very warm peachy/yellow colour  and then open to more yellow still, when at their peak. It is not only very lovely when it is blooming, but it is just an all-round, good looking Rhododendron throughout the year. This is one that I have recommended in my book,  “The Best Trees, Shrubs and Perennials” – for the gardens of the Pacific Northwest.  ( If you would like to have a look, click on this web address, and then scroll down to see the pages ‘turn themselves’ in order to give you a preview…. http://www.greendesign-gardenstolivein.com

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Spring Rhodo 'Odee Wright' KB

Springtime – Rhodo ‘Odee Wright’, a lovely warm yellow/peach

1  warm tones 72 dpi (2)

Just opening….Rhodo ‘Odee Wright’

Although my idea of springtime colours is pretty traditional, such as pink, purple, white and yellow, I had to change my thinking once I saw my Japanese maple,’Villa Taranto’ coming out with very warm coloured leaves, early each spring.  I decided to plant this whole garden with these same colours, even right down to the ferns. Here is a long shot of this warm spring garden. This is how it looked this past May, 2012.

A different colour for springtime.

Close-up of Japanese maple, ‘Villa Taranto’

This one is Autumn Fern and it turns green in the middle of summer!!  Sort of a reversal…. normally we think of this colour as something we would see in the Autumn, not in the Spring.

The very different coloured fern, Autumn Fern

And the other shrubs in this garden which support the colour scheme of warm-coloured reds and oranges are Rhododendrons and the underused Enkianthus.  One of the Rhodos that is here is called ‘Hello Dolly’. It is a very soft apricot/pink/yellow and it does blend in very well with the stronger reds.

A beautiful Rhododendron, ‘Hello Dolly’

And, finally, I have added one shrub that is really, unfortunately, very underused. It is the very beautiful Enkianthus. Little red veined ‘bells’ hang down from this shrub/small tree. I have another Enkianthus which has white ‘bells’ and after I bought it, I have never seen another one offered at any of the nurseries where I shop. I guess it is somewhat rare.

The lovely, but underused, Enkianthus

17 - Copy

Showing the red bells – Enkianthus

A warm-toned Rhododendron

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