Susan Wheeler’s Garden Design business really came about when one of her neighbours, who had been carefully watching her gardens change quite drastically after she and her husband had recently moved into their new home, asked her if she would come over and look at his hedge which was not doing well, at all. He said, “You seem to know what you are doing….”  Well…. that was the beginning of a great gardening relationship with this neighbour and his wife. They became clients until they sold their house many years later.

And so, now, “Green Design-Gardens To Live In”  is a custom garden service whose focus is to provide you, the client, with year- round enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces.  Susan Wheeler is a gardener with years of ‘hands-on’ experience in garden designing, as well as in plant installation, and her focus revolves around the concept of, “right plant, right place”. She is a national Garden Design Award Winner, and she thrives on anything to do with colour, design and plants.

At this time, there is a real need for knowledgeable and experienced advice in the landscaping profession, and so, Susan Wheeler of  Green Design – Gardens To Live In, is very pleased to be of service to the residents of Ladysmith and the surrounding area on Vancouver Island.

Susan has also been a Guest Lecturer at West Coast Gardens, and has been a frequent author of Garden Articles for their Blog.

She has also written a gardening book,  ” The Best Trees, Shrubs and Perennials” – for the Gardens of the Pacific Northwest.

As well as being a garden designer, Susan has now begun to use her own gardens as inspiration for her latest design work. It is not exactly working in the gardens, but, rather, using her own gardens as inspiration for her artwork. This is a new aspect of her garden design work. She uses high resolution digital cameras to produce her initial photos of flowers in her gardens. Then, using software applications, transforms these original photos into the final images.  After the images have been printed on canvas, she uses pencil, ink and paint, when appropriate, to complete these floral pieces. All are framed with a simple, dark wooden frame. See the page called Garden Florals on Canvas for a glimpse of the frames and some of the newest images.  Of course you can also contact Susan yourself, if you are interested in a canvas. Email is swgreendesign@yahoo.com




(NOTE: all photos and text on this website/blog are copyrighted and may not be used without the written permission of Susan E. Wheeler.)

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