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HERONS - Hello..

Herons in the Garden

Hello to all you plant and garden enthusiasts!

I have decided to offer a print version, in the form of folded note cards, of some of my Garden Images. A few of these had formerly been on my website at  but are now offered here, instead. These are done the same way that my Giclee canvas images are, in that, I am using high resolution digital cameras to photograph the most striking plants or flowers that I have grown in my own gardens. Then, using many software applications, I transform these original photos into the final images. I then decide which font to use and what sort of message to print on the front. Many of my clients like to send “Thank You” note cards, as well as cards that say,  “Happy Day”, “Thinking of You”, and even, “With Deepest Sympathy”. All of the cards are blank inside, ready for your own personal messages.
9 Thank You

This Rose is “Pristine”- grown in our Bellingham Gardens

Showing one of the Thank You cards. All are folded with my Logo on the back.

If someone in this local area, that is, Ladysmith B. C. and the surrounding area, on Vancouver Island, would like to have cards that are very personal, I will come over to your own gardens, photograph the flower or plant that is most beautiful or especially meaningful, and then, will make up the cards that will have a special message. See this first card, which was done for a client. It is a rose from her own garden, and on the back, underneath my logo, it reads, “Pink Rose” – from Evelyn’s Garden. Several of her friends have already commented on it.
Below, is an example of a very personal note card.
1 Happy Day..1st choice   This is the logo on the back of this very personal card, below.
Other cards that have sold, below.
8 Peony- Thinking of You.. KB

Can be used as a Sympathy Card….

As you can see, you can really have your own personal greeting on the front.

My White Peony…

This card, “Happy Day” can be used for any number of reasons…. birthday, a ‘cheer you up’ card, or simply ‘Thinking of You’.
3 Coral Begonia KB

Summer Begonia

More Additions….
all JPG for ART CARDS site (4)

From my original Dahlia photo.

This card was done from my incredible Dahlia which measured 11 inches across!!
all JPG for ART CARDS site (5)

Photo of my favourite Hydrangea….

Add your own thoughts of Sympathy.
all JPG for ART CARDS site (9)

From my Rose Collection

all JPG for ART CARDS site (1)

A Pure White Begonia

all JPG for ART CARDS site (3)

One of my Bearded Irises

all JPG for ART CARDS site (2)

A White Clematis – from my Woodland Garden

  Why not invite a friend??
all JPG for ART CARDS site (8)

One of my Orange Begonias

all JPG for ART CARDS site (10)

A “Hellebore Hello!”

I shall put up more cards as they become available.

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